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Grupo Xcaret: Celebrating Mexico’s Natural Wonders

In the heart of Mexico’s Riviera Maya, Grupo Xcaret has carved out a niche that transcends traditional tourism, offering visitors a unique blend of natural beauty, cultural richness, and eco-conscious adventure. As pioneers in sustainable tourism, Grupo Xcaret’s parks and attractions draw visitors from around the world, eager to experience the vibrant heart and soul of Mexico through its environmental and archaeological wonders.

A Journey Through Mexican Heritage

Founded in 1984, Grupo Xcaret began with the opening of Xcaret Park, a visionary project that transformed an ecologically rich but underdeveloped area into one of the most beloved destinations in Mexico. Today, the company operates multiple parks, each with a distinct theme that respects and celebrates the natural and cultural heritage of the region.

Xcaret Park

At Xcaret Park, visitors can explore over 50 natural and cultural attractions, including snorkeling in crystal clear waters, wandering through butterfly pavilions, and marveling at traditional Mayan villages. The park is especially famous for its evening show, “Xcaret México Espectacular,” a vibrant performance that tells the history of Mexico through dance and music, featuring more than 300 artists on stage.


Xel-Ha takes the concept of an all-inclusive park to environmental heights, offering one of the world’s largest natural aquariums. Here, guests can float down a lazy river, snorkel among hundreds of tropical fish, and explore cenotes and mangroves, all within an area committed to conservation and ecological stewardship.


Xenses Park is the newest addition to Grupo Xcaret’s offerings, designed as a sensory park where reality and fantasy blend to create experiences that challenge perceptions and awaken senses. Activities include a ‘Xensatorium’ where blindfolded visitors navigate through ecosystems using only their other senses and a town designed with optical illusions and unusual architecture that defy logic.

Xplor and Xplor Fuego

For those with a taste for adventure, Xplor provides thrilling activities like zip-lining over the jungle canopy, swimming in underground rivers, and driving amphibious vehicles through caves and hanging bridges. Xplor Fuego offers a unique twist, allowing guests to enjoy many of these activities by the light of torches and the setting sun, adding an extra element of excitement and mystery.

Commitment to Sustainability

Grupo Xcaret’s commitment to environmental conservation is evident in every aspect of its operations. The company employs advanced water recycling systems, uses solar energy, and participates in wildlife preservation and reforestation programs. It also actively supports cultural preservation projects, ensuring that local traditions and practices are sustained for future generations.

Impact on Local Community

Grupo Xcaret is a vital part of the local economy, providing thousands of jobs and supporting community development. The company is involved in educational initiatives and contributes to social welfare programs, reinforcing its role as a leader not only in tourism but in community enrichment.


Grupo Xcaret stands as a beacon of sustainable tourism, demonstrating that environmental and cultural conservation can go hand-in-hand with world-class tourism and entertainment. By inviting tourists to explore, learn, and participate in preservation efforts, Grupo Xcaret not only celebrates the natural and cultural wonders of Mexico but also ensures they are preserved for generations to come. Visitors leave with a deeper appreciation of Mexico’s heritage and a renewed commitment to protecting the planet.

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